Did you know the DOJ recovered 5 billion dollars from the False Claims Act in 2021?

Baseline Audit

Auditing mistakes are costing practices thousands, if not millions, of dollars due to subconsciously following this dangerous phrase:

“We’ve always done it this way.”

We don’t want you to suffer from excessive government audits.

To help, JNC Healthcare Compliance Group created the Baseline Audit package so that you can learn from your mistakes. And build an effective audit program to get you back where you are needed most…with your patients.

The Best Audit Solutions You Can Get

High-Profile Auditors

Our team is trained in each specialty, holds numerous industry certifications, and has a thorough understanding of current federal and state regulations.

Identify Billing & Coding Errors

Our auditors will identify improper billing and coding practices before a government or commercial insurance audit.

In-Depth Reports

You will receive comprehensive reports that provide recommendations for corrective action.

Return on Investment

We offer unbiased professional advice for a better return on investment.

The Benefits of a Baseline Audit

  • Determines policies and procedures are working, accurate, and current
  •  Ensures documentation is completed correctly
  • Pinpoints specific practice risk areas
  • Identifies coding and billing errors
  • Maximizes the return on investment
  • Establishes benchmarks and forecasting techniques

What Our Clients Have to Say

Help us stay in compliance!

I found that JNC Healthcare’s information is helpful when it comes to owning and operating my multiple healthcare businesses. JNC Healthcare is very supportive with providing resources, checklists, and meeting with myself and my team. Their information has helped us stay in compliance.

Peniston Health Care Services

Grateful to call upon them for all of our compliance needs!

JNC Healthcare Compliance Group was a big help with explaining compliance standards to our medical billing and coding professionals in a live virtual setting. During the training, they were thorough, and everyone was eager to learn more. We are grateful to call upon them for all of our compliance needs.

H&M Medical Coding institute

Are You Compliant?

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Auditing & Monitoring

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7 Elements of an Effective
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Benefits & Resources

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We don’t want your practice part of the next 5 billion the government recovers through the False Claims Act.

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