Who We Are

JNC Healthcare Compliance Group provides healthcare advisory services to small and medium-sized medical, dental, and behavioral health practices nationwide. Our services include billing/coding audits, implementation of compliance and practice standards, education, and training for all staff.

We specialize in ensuring that a checks and balances system is created to monitor staff to avoid future government audits. Our team will also implement and maintain compliance and practice standards that are conducive to the specific specialty per federal and state regulations.

The healthcare field is continuously changing. Let us embrace the changes, so your focus is on patient care.


We know you run a busy practice, so allow us to lighten your load by providing advising services that work around your schedule. Even if you are not sure where to start, let our advisors walk you through a free initial consultation to access your practice needs to advise you on a better return on investment.


" I found that ​JNC He​althcare's information is helpful when it comes to owning and operating ​my multiple ​healthcare businesses.  JNC Healthcare is very supportive with providing resources, checklists, and meeting with myself and my team. Their information has helped us stay in compliance."  - Peniston ​Health Care Services

Our Team

JNC Healthcare Compliance Group has over 20 years of combined experience and worked for reputable healthcare organizations. Our advisors, auditors, and instructors are skilled in a wide array of specialties with an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry. We have extensive knowledge in compliance, training, front-desk operations, billing/coding, accounts receivable follow-up, revenue cycle management, and more.

We hold numerous industry certifications and are active members of professional affiliations to stay current in continuing education units and trends to bring the most relevant information to our clients. Our team has a thorough understanding of commercial, federal, and state regulations.

Through our education and experience, we are trained to provide our clients with easy to use techniques that will ensure you provide quality service from front to back office.