Exposure Control Plan [Healthcare Compliance Tips]
OSHA Recording & Reporting Standard [Healthcare Compliance Tips]
Exposure Control Plan [Healthcare Compliance Tips]
OSHA Recording & Reporting Standard [Healthcare Compliance Tips]

PPE [Healthcare Compliance Tips]

Assess and test your employees regularly about personal protective equipment (PPE) removal guidelines.

Quality is a key aspect of healthcare, which is directly connected to how you handle PPE removal within your practice.  Per the Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology survey, 39% of workers made errors removing PPE, including gowns and gloves, increasing the incidence of contamination.

It is a costly compliance mistake to assume that your employees are removing PPE properly within your practice.

Before assessing and testing how your employees remove PPE, check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) infographic called “Sequencing for Removing Personal Protective Equipment,” which includes the following steps:

  • Remove PPE at the doorway or in the anteroom
  • Gloves
  • Goggles or Face Shield
  • Gown
  • Mask or Respirator
  • Perform hand hygiene immediately after removing all PPE

The type of PPE used will vary based on your practice’s level of precautions, in which you should create policies to assist your employees with removal/donning guidelines.

After you assess and test your employees, remind them that sanctions will apply if they refuse to follow the guidelines.  However, first, inform them in a caring way. Your goal is to seek how they remove PPE and walk them through understanding the ‘why,’ which in turn will protect themselves, patients, and your practice reputation.

**The opinions and observations from the group/author are not a promise to exempt your practice from fines and penalties.  Research, modify, and tailor the advice to fit your specialty. 

Joi Sherrod, MPH, CPC, CPCO
Joi Sherrod, MPH, CPC, CPCO
Joi is an educator and owner of JNC Healthcare Compliance Group. After working for distinguished academic teaching hospitals and clinics, she is passionate about helping medical, dental, and behavioral health practices rethink healthcare compliance one trend at a time. Contact Joi at info@jnccompliance.com.