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Your team will grasp an understanding of a range of compliance concepts through video. Don’t see your problem? No worries! We will create new topics based on your suggestions.

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​​Learn from our advisors about various topics, such as compliance, auditing, training, and much more, to assist you in implementing or ​monitoring your compliance program.

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The e-newsletter will offer you tips, videos, hot topics, and resources weekly. And encourage you to rethink healthcare compliance one trend at a time.

Compliance Resources

​The healthcare climate is rapidly changing. The resources will help you stay up to date and ​provide actionable information you can use immediately.

Library Bonuses

In addition to full library access, you will also receive our Compliance Resource Kit.

The kit includes:

  • Compliance Tools
  • Compliance Task Checklist
  • Compliance Meeting Script

This will help you evaluate the safety of your program.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Help us stay in compliance!

I found that JNC Healthcare’s information is helpful when it comes to owning and operating my multiple healthcare businesses. JNC Healthcare is very supportive with providing resources, checklists, and meeting with myself and my team. Their information has helped us stay in compliance.

Peniston Health Care Services

Grateful to call upon them for all of our compliance needs!

JNC Healthcare Compliance Group was a big help with explaining compliance standards to our medical billing and coding professionals in a live virtual setting. During the training, they were thorough, and everyone was eager to learn more. We are grateful to call upon them for all of our compliance needs.

H&M Medical Coding institute

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