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Implement compliance and practice standards within your practice.

As shared in our previous tip, all practices should follow the 7 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program, in which implementation of compliance and practice standards is a necessity after the internal audit is performed.

An OIG best practice is to ensure that every healthcare entity has a compliance manual in place so that employees are aware of the expectations.

One of our rules is making sure that this manual or electronic file is available.  And, as the OIG puts it “doesn’t sit on the shelf to collect dust.”  Always continue to update the manual to ensure new and old staff, are aware of the changes and expectations to uphold compliance standards.

The OIG also has suggestions of the type of risks that should be communicated within the compliance manual.  A good example of risk factors is:

  • Coding and billing
  • Reasonable and necessary services
  • Documentation
  • Procedures for improper inducements
  • Kickbacks
  • Self-referrals

These areas should be continuously addressed with staff since they are one of the first areas the government looks for when they are auditing your practice.

Don’t know where to start regarding risk areas?

Our final best practice is to solicit input from clinicians and staff.  Since they see things every day, their input will assist you with enacting policies and procedures that follow state and federal guidelines, especially if they have knowledge to share from working in other practices.

**The opinions and observations from the group/author are not a promise to exempt your practice from fines and penalties.  Research, modify, and tailor the advice to fit your specialty.

Joi Sherrod, MPH, CPC, CPCO
Joi Sherrod, MPH, CPC, CPCO
Joi is an educator and owner of JNC Healthcare Compliance Group. After working for distinguished academic teaching hospitals and clinics, she is passionate about helping medical, dental, and behavioral health practices rethink healthcare compliance one trend at a time. Contact Joi at