Healthcare Compliance Tips: Practice Safety

Complete annual inspections and walkthroughs regarding exit routes, fire and emergency safety plans, and OSHA signage. In our OSHA Series, we talked a lot about safety […]

Healthcare Compliance Tips: Minimum Necessary & PHI Use

Review and share the key components of HIPAA with all employees and patients. We know that most of you are familiar with HIPAA; however, reviewing this […]

Healthcare Compliance Tips: HIPAA Privacy Officer

Assign an employee or hire a Privacy Officer to develop and monitor your HIPAA-compliant privacy program. Per HIPAA, it is required that privacy personnel are designated […]

Healthcare Compliance Tips: Breach Notification

Review the HHS and OIG’s breach notification requirements to ensure HIPPA compliance. Per HIPAA, “a breach is defined as an unauthorized acquisition, access, use, or disclosure […]