Practice Audits [Healthcare Compliance Tips]

Audit your practice annually to avoid the exclusion list, penalties, and investigations. In the opening of our series called “Compliant or Complacent,” I shared why being […]

Documentation & Patient Requests [Healthcare Compliance Tips]

Ensure you re-review your policies regarding documentation, record retention, and patient requests. The last tip explained why understanding non-covered services is part of non-clinical duties, which […]

Non-Covered Services [Healthcare Compliance Tips]

Evaluate insurance company’s guidelines on non-covered requirements and create policies. In our series called “Dear Provider: Don’t Give Up,” our last tip highlighted the issue physicians […]

Insurance Companies & EOBs [Healthcare Compliance Tips]

Study and increase your knowledge of insurance company’s processes. The previous tip kicked off our series called “Dear Provider: Don’t Give Up,” highlighting the lack of […]