Healthcare Compliance Tips: Explain the ‘Why’

Explain the ‘why’ behind healthcare compliance to your team.   Have you ever heard the saying “death by PowerPoint?” This same statement can easily transfer to […]

Healthcare Compliance Tips: Involve Staff in Training

Involve staff in compliance training. First, allow us to paint the picture of how we have seen some compliance training go: Watch a video. Read a […]

Healthcare Compliance Tips: Schedule One-On-One Meetings

Schedule one-on-one meetings with staff quarterly. Statistics show one reason why employees are disengaged at work is due to receiving little to no feedback from management […]

Healthcare Compliance Tips: Celebrate Wins

Celebrate compliance “wins.” To continue our discussion about employee engagement, after you explain the ‘why’ through real-world training examples, assigned compliance duties, and quarterly one-on-one meetings……this […]