Healthcare Compliance Tips – Write-Offs

Examine your write-offs and use the information to improve the financial health of your practice. Did you know your write-offs will provide clues of how successful […]

Healthcare Compliance Tips – Patient Payment Experience

Reevaluate the payment experience for patients. Recently, InstaMed released the ‘Trends in Healthcare Payments Ninth Annual Report: 2018.’ They state: This year’s report is designed to […]

Healthcare Compliance Tips – Third-Party Billing Companies

Query your third-party billing company regularly. A common issue we see practices face with third-party billing companies is the “set it and forget it” mentality. When […]

Healthcare Compliance Tips – PHI Disposal

Review proper disposal of PHI according to the ‘HIPAA Security Rule.’  And, connect with vendors, educate, and train your employees. On busy days, HIPAA regulations are […]